McDonald’s shut as disgusted customers see maggots ‘fall from ceiling into woman’s meal’

McDonald’s customers were disgusted after maggots ‘fell from ceiling’ into a woman’s meal.

Diners were horrified when the writhing worms dropped from above them at restaurant in east London.

One customer filmed the wriggling larvae on a table and ‘all over the floor’ at the chain’s Beckton outlet on Thursday morning.

The diner was revolted when he realised the maggots were alive and zoomed in on the tables in video footage before he says: “Yeah, they’re alive”, reports MyLondon.

A woman in the restaurant says she saw two of the maggots had fall from the roof, while the man adds that ‘they dropped on the lady’s food’.

In the video he said: “I’m going to get a refund on this. This is McDonald’s in Beckton, with maggots lying around. They’re all over the floor.”

McDonald’s apologised and said the store was immediately closed, and remained shut on Friday for further cleaning.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, an incident occurred on Thursday morning at our restaurant in Beckton and we would like to apologise to any customers who were impacted.

“The restaurant was immediately closed, and a thorough investigation found the root cause which has now been resolved.

“The restaurant was closed throughout the day for the investigation and we brought in external specialists to carry out a deep clean.

“It remained closed on Friday as a precaution and for further cleaning.

“We have worked closely with our pest prevention company and Environmental Health Officers during this process.”

Some people on Twitter saw the funny side, referring to them as ‘McMaggots’ and adding that they’re probably a good source of protein.

Others weren’t so amused, with one person saying: “Newham is maggot capital so I’m not surprised. Foul!”

With another added: “Enough evidence that McDonald’s should just be cancelled… take KFC with you!”